Professional Referrals

These are people whom I would highly recommend.


At Home Veterinaran

 Dr. Allen Cahill


I am very sad that I did not find Dr. Cahill a year ago for my Moosie. When every other vet gave up on Moose and said he should be put down, Dr. Cahill more than stepped up to the plate. He kept my baby comfortable and happy for a number of additional months. He is now my vet of choice, He excells in pain management, gives shots and basic vet care. You can call his service at 2:00am and he will call you back or come over if needed and it does not cost an arm and a leg. HOWEVER, Dr. Cahill does not do any surgical procedures so you will need an additional vet for things such as spay/neuter, teeth cleaning, etc.

Certified Animal Chiropractor

Dr. Debbie O’Reilly


Dr. O’Reilly has worked on my own herd and as many of you know, not everyone is allowed to do that. She also does accupuncture.


Pet Palace Pet Supply


This is a owner operated pet store that has the most knowledgeable staff on dog and cats foods you will find.  The also do food allergy testing for around $45 that takes about 15 minutes.  You will leave the store with a list of everything your pet can and cannot eat and they test all types of foods (including people snacks you sneak to your kid) and  shampoo’s.

NOTE:  There is a very big difference between Pet Palace the pet supply store and the veterinarian who rents the back office space who I would never put on my list of referrals.


Dr. Kris Abby DVM

Great with Chinese Herbs for your pets.


Pat Matthews: The Duct-Man

(furnace and air duct cleaning)

After grooming Pat’s dog for a number of years I finally remembered what he does for a living. Self-employed and can whip any other duct cleaning company by a mile. Unlimited vents per each furnace $150.00 and he will even save the nasty stuff for you.

Barbara Weiss In Home Dog Training

I have had many clients use Barbara and with great success



Wags and Walks

I have many clients use these people with nothing but high praise for them.  They do in home pet sitting as well as other services.