Phone:    303-798-4888 *
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*NOTE: About Cell Phone Messages
Gone are the good old days of analog mobile phones that let you call in a canyon and people could hear you without… HELLO, HELLO, CAN YOU HEAR ME. I receive many messages that sound fine to you but all I hear on my land line is “my name is???, I have ???, my num??? 3-2??-???6.” If you don’t receive a return call by day 2 please call back and repeat the number twice.



The best way to figure out if I service your part of the city is to phone 303-798-4888, since I do not cover all parts of Parker and Aurora. General cities are:

  • South Aurora
  • Parts of Centennial east of I-25
  • Englewood
  • East of I-25, Littleton
  • East of I-25, parts of Parker
  • Parts of Denver along Parker Road