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Non-Allergic Dogs

There Is No Such Thing As A NON-Allergic Dog For People!

The DOODLE Fad – aka
Designer Dogs – aka
Over-Priced Mutts

Breeders tried a name in the 1970s, it did not stick, they renamed the Doodle in the 1980s, it did not stick, they renamed it again in the 1990s and it stuck like flies on horse shit and the money grubbers could not be happier.

In 1992 a client called me about a new “breed” they just bought and would I come out to groom the dog. By profession, I am rather familiar with any new breeds that are sanctioned or at least come out and not sanctioned. I knew she bought a mutt so I never bothered to ask what kind. I arrive and she is so proud of her $2,500 Labradoodle and I looked at her and said

“You really spent $2,500 on a mutt!”
“Oh, Mimi, he is hypo-allergenic and the breeder swears my kids and I will have no problem!”
I repeated, “you spent $2,500 on a mutt?”
” Mimi, we have had him for 6 weeks and not one allergy problem.” I said,

  1. He is not old enough to cause any allergy problems yet,
  2. You could have gone to the pound and for $45 bought
    a mutt just like this,
  3. The labra half of your doodle is one of the dogs
    you are allergic to.

Naturally, almost 14 months later I get a call asking if I knew anyone who wanted the dog since the allergies were so bad. Duh!

Most Americans are the most gullible people on the planet. If they see it on TV or a celebrity does it, it must be true. I swear, if some TV show or celebrity carried around a bag of dog poop, wrapped in some famous clothing designer’s name and it had a price tag of $1, 500 most everyone would run out and buy one. This phenomenon, which is unfortunately plaguing most of America is further propagated by insipid reality shows and Entertainment Tonight type mentality. Consequently, it comes as no surprise to PROFESSIONALS in the animal and allergy field that this non-allergic dog bullshit is so prominent. Here is why…

First one must understand the physical mechanics so to speak of dogs and why some people have reactions and others do not. All dogs shed, long hair, short hair, medium hair. All dogs have dander, saliva, urine. All dogs collect on their coat, allergens from your house such as dust, pollen, mold, grass from outside and other allergens from outdoors or indoors.

What most people have a reaction to is a protein found in a dog’s saliva and dander, which is produced by what are called sebaceous glands, which all dogs also have. Many of you have probably seen them on your dog. They are hard like little pimple type spots on dogs, mostly located from the legs up although they can pop up anyplace. Some you can squeeze and all this nasty stuff will ooze out just like you would pop a pimple. They are in the dermis of the skin and open into a hair follicle. Although I groom cats, I am so allergic I have to wear gloves since even if a cat licks me, my lungs will constrict. I carry injections with me on the days I groom cats since if I get bitten or scratched, my lungs will shut down.

Dogs shed their skin just as people do. Most dogs shed skin every three to four days and there are others who shed their skin about every 3 weeks. When you combine the shedding skin along with all the other allergens in your home, certain dogs are going to create a problem no matter what. Those problems will either be excessive, moderate or mild depending on what exactly your tolerance level is. Believe it or not, even barker dogs, the ones that bark to extremes at anything that pass by, can be a problem. AKC removed their list of non-allergic dogs for a reason.

From a noted allergist and this is repeated over and over by not only pet professionals but medical specialists around the globe.

“Nearly all allergies to pets are caused by a glandular protein that the animal secretes onto its skin. As the skin is shed, tiny flakes, known as dander, float around in the air and stick to walls, carpets, furniture and clothing. From there, they can easily make their way into noses, eyes and throats. A person also can have an allergic reaction to the protein in a pet’s saliva or urine. Contrary to widespread belief, a pet’s fur or hair itself is not the cause of the problems. The animal’s hair may get a coating of the protein as well, but it’s the skin flakes, because they are so tiny, that go everywhere and concentrate a hundredfold over what the animal carries.”

These so called Doodles or Designer dogs have been around forever. There is the Schnoodle, Cockapoo, Yorkipoo, Shihpoo and over 40 other kinds of Poo’s and whether you go to your local pound or give a money grubber $1,500 they are ALL MUTTS and your chances of not having an allergy issue is no better. Can you go to your local shelter where you should be getting your dogs from anyway and get a dog that is less likely to cause allergy problems than others? YES! And it will cost you under $100.00 to adopt one, save a life, and not be sucked into the lying crap you are being fed by breeder or media hype.

So what dogs might work better than others? That depends on the type of coat. If you have allergies to dogs the last thing you want is any dog mixed with a Retriever of any kind, Lab or Golden. UNLESS, the retriever part of the mix is the recessive gene. Why, because they are high shedding dogs with a lot of dander already. Dogs that have been known for decades to be better for allergy suffers have been Westie’s, Wheaton’s, Schnauzer’s, Poodle’s, Bichon’s single coated dogs like Kerry Blue’s, or dogs that do not shed like Collie’s but their hair mats like all of the above.

The bottom line is there is no sure-fire way to know unless you visit dogs of each breed if you are determined to buy a Designer Dog. Greyhounds are known for being a single-coat, very little shedding dog supposed to be great for allergy people. However, many people cannot be around a Greyhound if they have allergies. I have to double up on masks when I groom a Collie, but have no trouble with a Sheltie which most people think as far as coat goes is just a miniature version of a Collie. For the LOVE OF GOD, use common sense and your brain and stop following the herd.

(Note on author: The advantage of opinions is they cannot be wrong and they cannot be right. Consequently all written material is strictly my opinion based on over 30 years working with animals. I do not believe in “experts” for one finds out quickly that there is always someone who is smarter, better educated and a wider life experience. If I was an expert and knew everything I would opt to be dictator of the world, not working with animals. I do not believe in statistics since for every con argument there are equal pro arguments to challenge those statistics. Consequently rarely, if ever do I use them.)
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