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Why We Don’t Advertise “Free to Good Home”

The links on these pages will open a new window and take you to articles that are important for any pet caretaker to read or if you are considering purchasing a pet.

Gypsy – heartbreaking

“Letter” from Gypsy

If you buy a pet from a pet store or from any other puppy/cat mill breeder and you cannot stomach clicking these links below, then you are part of the problem not part of the solution. Just because you have bought a pet from a “known breeder” does not mean they are “responsible” because it’s proven that they can be the biggest offenders. A perfect example is Gypsy.

Prisoners of Greed
The Puppy Mill Project
Stop Puppy Mills
Wisconsin Puppy Mills
Puppy Mill Tip Line

If Gypsy is not enough to make the point, please read this: Why you SHOULD NOT advertise FREE TO GOOD HOME!