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Off Leash Dog Parks Colorado

If you pay some attention when you are out for walks in a park with your dog you will notice signs everywhere. “All pets must be on a leash and pick up after it”. The operative word in that sentence is “IT” for that is what most of society thinks of dogs as. Thankfully for those of us that do not refer to our “kids” as “its” there are now parks where they can run like banshees.

For some of our pets, just walking on a leash is not enough exercise nor entertainment. Here is a list of parks that do not require your pet to be on a leash. Here they can enjoy the fun of playing and running with other dogs and all the other “reindeer” games dogs like to participate in. These places do request which is a nice way of putting it, must, …”all pets must be under reasonable voice control.” All parks require you have a leash in your possession.

If your city is not listed contact your local Animal Control or the local shelter in the city and county you live in for the nearest location.

Common Sense Rules

  • Make sure your dog is friendly with other dogs
  • Pick up after your pet
  • Have fresh water and dog bowl
  • Make sure you can voice control your dog
    (hound and terrier people, good luck)


  • 17975 West 64th Parkway – approximately 1/2 mile east of Highway 93 on the north side of 64th

Highlands Ranch

  • Digger’s at Dad Clark Park – West of Fairview Parkway, near Heritage Elementary School
  • Foothills Park – West of Broadway, north of Summit View Elementary School
  • Rover’s Run at Redstone Park – Wherever the Redstone Tennis Center is Hound Hill at Highland Heritage Park – Behind the Post Office
  • Bark Park – South side of County Line Road, one block east of Colorado Blvd
  • Fido’s Field at Foothills Park – North of Saddle Ranch Elementary School, west of Broadway, north of Wildcat Reserve Parkway


  • Jason – 4200 S. Jason – East of Santa Fe, on Jason between Oxford and Quincy
  • Duncan – 4800 S. Pennsylvania

Jefferson County

  • Elk Meadow Park Dog Training Area – I-70 west to Hwy. 74, south on Hwy. 74 to Stagecoach Blvd.
  • Chatfield State Park Training Area – C-470 and Wadsworth Blvd. Caution: Many non-natives believe that there are only garden and bullsnakes and California King Snakes. WRONG! Chatfield has always been a Rattlesnake haven. Keep an eye on what your pets are sniffing! The Denver/Metro area does not have King Snakes, they are on the western slope all you Califorina people!
  • Forsburg Park Dog Training Area – City of Lakewood, May still be closed due to a prairie dog issue
  • Arapaho National Forest – Only certain areas
  • Pike National Forest – Only certain areas

City of Denver

  • Jason Berkeley Park – 666 South , Sheridan Avenue and W. 46th Street
  • Barnum Park – Hooker Street and W. 5th Avenue
  • Kennedy Park – Hampden Avenue and S. Dayton Street
  • Fuller Park – Franklin Street and E. 29th Avenue
  • Green Valley Ranch East Park – Jebel and E. 45th


  • Howard H. Hueston Park – 34th Street near ONeal Parkway
  • Valmont Dog Park – Valmont Road and Airport Road
  • East Bouder Community Park – 5660 Sioux Drive


  • Cherry Creek Reservoir – Off I-225 & Cherry Creek Dam Road. Caution: Rattlesnake Area, pay attention when you are by the creek and houses up on the hill.
  • Grandview – 17900 E. Quincy Ave. Directions, Buckley and Quincy Roads


  • Bayou Gulch Dog Park – In Parker, near Parker Road and Bayou Gulch Road.

Castle Rock South

  • Douglas County Fairgrounds – Off Plum Creek Drive and I-25
  • Surrey Ridge and I-25 exit, go under the overpass, first right, park on your right. Caution: Only suggested for winter or cold months. High Rattlesnake Area